Meeting every third Saturday of the month

at Wadham House,

52 Wadham Parade, Mount Waverley, Victoria.


This is a page of the MIcrocomputer Club Of Melbourne, Inc., of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. If this surprises you, it might be an idea to check the links that brought you here. (There are other MICOMs in the world, apparently.) MICOM meets at 2pm on every third Saturday of the month, at 52 Wadham Parade, Mount Waverley, Victoria. (Melways ref: 61E12). That said there is sometimes a BBQ in January instead of a meeting. It might be an idea to check this page around then, and hope like mad it is being updated.

Upcoming Meetings:

19 December 2015 (Wadham House)

16 January  2016 (Valley Reserve)

Ex-members (and members who have not been paying attention at meetings) please note that MICOM has a Google group.

Coming soon to this page – a link for MICOM members to access their email from here. (I know there used to be one on this page. Wish I knew where it went.)

All this should happen with the next update of this page, probably around the time I figure out how to make the MICOM logo at the top sit in the centre and not on the left. (I have had a suggestion about <CENTER> tags, but I am working in some PHP thing I do not know the name of, and not HTML.)

This page presently has two web masters. Yes, two for the price of one. (Insert appropriate guitar music here.) One of them has the original artwork for the logo. Maybe we can get this fixed by 2016…or not.


Sorry the reconstruction is slow but maybe some members may like to contribute some content or links.

If you are interested maybe I can embed the MICOM Google group information or and technical, or interesting news feeds to make the site more usable.

Members can also become authors so they can create their own page, topic or post that interests them and the rest of the members.